Eh Ma, Get a load of the size of this fella…

December 6, 2007

Unlike what most people think, Brad Pitt did not need to workout hard to look like he did for Snatch. Snatch was made within a year of the completion of Fight Club. Most of his physique is from maintenance type training. The focus of such a regime would be ensure no loss in muscle mass.

Brad Pitt’s body fat percentage in Fight Club was roughly around 7%. By Snatch it was more like 9%. It is not healthy for someone to stay at such a low body fat percentage for long periods of time. He cut to get to the ‘Fight Club Look’ that was required for such a film. After the film, he relaxed his cardio and strict diet to ease himself into a more normal and manageable physique. So, what you see in Snatch are his heavy bulking efforts from Snatch combined with a less strict die.