Great abs are made in the kitchen

December 6, 2007

Brad Pitt has never been a fan of the gym. ”I’m just not a gym kind of guy. I prefer sitting on the porch with my dog.” However, he understands just as much as anyone the importance of fitness. Brad Pitt’s physique has changed over his career, but he has stayed pretty true to his formula.

Brad’s first real foray onto the big screen as a Hollywood hunk was in Thelma & Louise. He had a relatively short screen time of only twenty minutes as a cowboy and drifter. In that time, he made a lasting impression on just how far a good set of genes and dedication will take you.

In Thelma & Louise, Brad Pitt was younger and had a leaner look. His diet was crucial to creating this look. The Brad Pitt workout at that time consisted of less gym work and much more cardio work. Just as Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “Great abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym.”